Day 313
Spent most of my day yesterday cuddling and napping with the lil homie.

Day 312
Stay put.
Or nahhh.

Day 311
Idk idk I took this last night and it’s the only one I’m comfortable with. My face is under heavy fire right now from acne and I am feeling quite self conscious over it. Blah. My upper body is coming along a bit tho.

Day 310
My trans experience today- WOW I HATE BATHROOMS

Day 309
Feeling a little off tonight.

Day 308
Baaaad workday yesterday but a great night afterwards.
Got id’d for margs at the restaurant and the lady misgendered me all throughout the meal but it was almost funny cause that just doesn’t happen to me anymore. I typically get read as a 16 year old boy now.

Day 307
Not digging my face today so this is my fav part about driving this boat. I can sprawl and it’s comfy. Lunch time will never be the same… 😴

Day 306
We cuddlin and catching up on tv 😸

Day 305
Personally victimized by 24 hour shoots and my lack of energy. If any of y’all are getting these clothing unlocks I’m side eying the fuck out of you

Day 304
I slept all day and night yesterday but I did wake up a few times and took this one of those times.
Just trying to catch up on sleep I guess even though that technically doesn’t work. I don’t think I’ve slept a good amount of time in a night since last Thursday. My body was like enough is enough and hibernated.